Sleep is Death (2 player storytelling game)

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Sleep is Death (2 player storytelling game)

Post by Moltor » Mon Aug 13, 2012 9:54 am

Anyone heard of this?

I've been playing it for a couple years. It's pretty cool. One player has complete control over the universe, the other player controls one character. You just take turns telling a story. It's automatically saved and you can share it on teh internets. The control interface is easy to learn. You can load previously drawn sprites and tiles and stuff and make a new scene in seconds. You don't need any art skillz. You can download lots of other ppl's graphics. And drawing your own isn't that hard cause the resolution is super low.

Here's a collection of stories:

It's largely crap and occasionally awesome. Here are some good ones:

RPGish stuff I played:

Some other ppl's stuff:

And last but not least, my epic Judd Starr saga. Here are the first two episodes:

The rest are numbered and in the first couple pages of the gallery.

Check this shit out, ppl. SID's a unique game that deserves to be a lot moar popular than it is. It's sad to see it fading into oblivion.

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