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(0.2c) IRC bot commands
(0.3a) The auto-inscription feature
(0.3) Important inscriptions, Word of Recall                                    
To inscribe an item, press the { key. To uninscribe, press }.
You can also mass-inscribe/uninscribe items by using the commands /tag or /t
and /untag or /ut respectively (see (0.2b) for command details).

All items:
    Inscribing an item with an '!' followed by a key will cause that key to
    cease working on the item anymore. You may also specify several keys.
    A space or other non-related character will end the '!-sequence'.
    Example: You inscribe a 'Scroll of Artifact Creation' this way:  !kd
    Now you cannot destroy or drop the scroll anymore (keys to destroy and
    to drop an item are 'k' respectively 'd').
    You can inscribe an item by pressing '{' and uninscribe it with '}'.

The !* inscription:
    '*' is a 'wild card' which stands for multiple inscriptions at once,
        inscribing an item '!*' will do ALL of these checks:
    !d          Prevent dropping an item.
    !k          Prevent killing (destroying) an item. (Note that '!k' on a
                torch also prevents using that torch to refuel another one.)
    !s          Prevent selling an item to shop (!s).
                For example, if you found an artifact and you want to avoid
                (d)ropping it, (s)elling it, or (v) throwing it away
                accidentally you could eithee inscribe it !dsv or just !* .
    !v          Prevent throwing an item away.
    !=          Automatically pick the item up from the floor.
   (!h          Prevent selling a house key. Keys usually aren't used anymore

The !+ inscription:
    Does the same as !* except that it does not prevent dropping an item,
    so it does not imply !d but just !ksv=h (with 'h' being obsolete).

A very useful inscription for (heavily) cursed items:
    !w          Prevent wielding/wearing an item. This is very useful if you
                carry a cursed item in your inventory that you really don't
                want to equip by accident.

Useful for characters who wield a boomerang not for throwing it, but rather
because it provides magical boni:
    !f          Prevent firing an item (ie your equipped ranged weapon).

If you use a sling, bow or crossbow and rather worthless ammo that you don't
intend to pick up again, you may inscribe the ammo to make it disappear:
    !g          Makes ammo always break and never drop to the floor.

Other !-inscriptions:
    !T          Prevent taking off a secondary item.
    !F          Prevent using up this item to fuel your currently equipped
                light source. (Note that !k inscription implies this too.)
    !E          Prevent eating this item.
    !q          Prevent quaffing this potion.
    !r          Prevent reading this scroll.
    !u          Prevent using a staff.
    !a          Prevent aiming a wand.
    !z          Prevent zapping a rod.
    !A          Prevent activating this item.
    !R          Will prevent consuming the last rune in a stack for runespells.
    !L          Can be used on an item that is the target of a scroll of
                Artifact Creation. The resulting randart will not gain +LIFE
                ('it affects your hit points') mod. So this is an inscription
                that only makes sense for winners to use, since non-winners
                cannot generate +LIFE on randarts anyway.
    !U          This item will be displayed in dark grey colour in your
                inventory. Can be useful for sorting loot.

The # inscription:
    This one makes all following inscription be appended directly behind the
    actual item name, instead of at the end of the item's full description.
    It can be especially convenient if the item has a very long name.
    Sometimes you can also use this to confuse your fellow players :-p

(The '..' inscription is no longer available since 'Thunderlord' ego weapons
no longer have the TELEPORT flag.)

Items that 'can cause Earthquakes':
    !Q          Prevents the item from causing an earthquake. This usually
                only works on the artifact "The Mighty Hammer 'Grond'".
                (Press keys  ~d  in the game to check server settings.)
                See (5.13) for more information about earthquakes.

Weapons, devices and spells:
    @O          This and its variants control the 'auto-retaliator' which is a
                mechanism designed to make your character automatically attack
                targets that are standing directly adjacent to you.
                For details about auto-retaliation and the different types of
                @O... inscriptions, see (4.1a)!

Rods only:
    !C          Will notify you when the rod finished recharging.

Wands and directional rods:
    !K          Will enable fire-till-kill mode for this item, provided that
                you have turned on fire-till-kill mode the usual way ('m' key).

    !=          Will make your character auto-pickup the ammo from the floor.
    !g          Will make your ammunition break. Rather disadvantageous but
                maybe useful if you don't like littering the floor with it.
    !M          Makes ammunition stacks of same base type and same ego power
                stack even if +hit or +dam enchantments are not equal. Those
                will be averaged and rounded downwards. (Doesn't work for
                cursed or artifact ammo.) Wield the !M stack first, then also
                wield the stack you want to merge with the equipped ammo.
    !L          Inscribe stacks of ammo in your inventory !L to make them be
                automatically reloaded into your quiver as soon as the ammo
                you're currently using runs out.
                Note that you can place ammo in your inventory in the desired
                order for reloading by dropping it/picking it up again!
                The !L inscription also works for boomerangs.

Sling ammunition:
    !R          Prevents ricochetting.

Scrolls/spell books of Identify (except for bag-ID), Rods/Staves of Perception:
    !X          If you pick up an unidentified item, you will automatically
                read a scroll to identify it.
                This inscription also works on 'The Stone of Lore'.
                It does not work for Arcane Lore, since that is purely a bag ID
                Note that it will attempt to re-cast the ID spell until it
                succeeds or you're out of mana. Use with care.
                See (5.7) for more information about identification.

An item that can be activated:
    @A1         Pressing the keys 'A' and then '1' will activate that item.

A potion:
    @q3         Pressing 'q' then '3' will quaff that potion.

A magic scroll:
    @r0         Pressing the keys 'r' and '0' will read that scroll.

etc.. you get the idea. :)

You can also inscribe items just to remember their abilities. For example
if you find an armour that is an artifact, and you found out it resists
fire and acid, you might inscribe it {ResFire,ResAcid} so that you will
remember what it does just by looking at it and reading the inscription.
It can make your life easier if you wear lots of items that have different
resistances or abilities. A shortcut is the...

Item power inscription (added in 4.7.1):
    @@         Will automatically inscribe an item with codes representing its
               special powers. Only works with *identified* items.
               Can also be used on custom spell books.
    @@@        Redux version. Avoids stats, extra might since it's obvious,
               infra-vision, searching, and mods that are obvious because they
               can only come from base item type (disarm, digging, luck),
               light radius, slays and brands except for kill-flags, and
               partial ESPs.
               Can also be used on custom spell books, will shorten the names.

    Resulting inscription details:
    _S                sustain stat (S/I/W/D/C/H, where H is cHarisma)
    +S                increase stat
    ^S                increase and sustain stat
    -S                decrease stat
    Xm/Xs             extra might/extra shots (ranged weapons)
    HP/MP             +hit points/+mana
    Spd/Att/Crt/Stl   +speed/+extra attacks/+critical hits/+stealth
    Src/IV/Dsr/Dig/Lu +searching/+infra-vision/+disarm/+digging/+luck
    Eq/Cht/Va/Vo      earthquakes/chaotic/vampiric/vorpal
    *F/C/E/A/P/W/N*   immunity to an element (fire,cold,electricity,acid,
    Base              resistance to the four base elements (same as 'fcea')
    f/c/e/a           resistance to a base element (fire,cold,electricity,acid)
     Resistances to high elements:
    Po/Wa/Nt/Nx/Ca/Di poison/water/nether/nexus/chaos/disenchantment
    So/Sh/Lt/Dk/Ti/Ma sound/shards/light/darkness/time/mana
     Further resistances:
    Bl/Cf/RT/FA/HL/Fe blindness/confusion/teleport/free action/hold life/fear
     Other flags:
    SI/Lv/FF/SD       see invisible/levitation/feather falling/slow digestion
    Rg/Rgm            regenerate hit points/regenerate mana
    Refl/Inv/AM/Bless reflection/invisibility/anti-magic shell/Blessed
    ID                auto-ID
    Climb/Swim/Wraith climbing/swimming/wraithform
    AE/C/F            aura of fire/cold/electricity
    BE/C/F/A/P        brand of fire/cold/electricity/acid/poison
    +oTPaWUDEvil      slay orc/troll/giant/animal/undead/demon/dragon/evil
    *WUD              kill undead/demon/dragon
    ~oTPaWUDEvil      ESP orc/troll/giant/animal/undead/demon/dragon/evil
     SDRAgUni             spider/dragonrider/angel/nonliving/unique
    ESP               telepathy (full ESP)
    Tele/NT           induces random teleportation/allows no teleportation
    Dr/Drm/Drx/Aggr   drains hp/mana/experience / aggravates
    Exploding ammunition will have its explosion type added in parentheses.

If you want an inscription starting on @ to follow a @@ inscription, add a
space or some other character as separator in between, to avoid it being
wrongly treated as @@@ inscription. For example like this:
    "@@ @S" or "@@-@x0"

"Word of Recall", provided by items (scrolls and rods) or spells:
If you use these without inscription, they will just teleport you back into the
dungeon you came from, to the deepest possible floor. If you use them on the
world surface without inscription and there is no dungeon at your location that
you have previously visited, they will instead teleport you back to the last
town you visited.
    @R500       will teleport you to depth 500ft (tower).
    @R-350      will teleport you to depth -350ft (dungeon).
    @RW32,32    will teleport you to sector 32,32 on the worldmap (Bree).
                World map ranges from 0,0 to 63,63.
    or even better..
    @R          This inscription makes the above versions sort of obsolete.
                If you have inscribed a Word of Recall item like this then you
                can just type the command    /rec    into chat to invoke the
                Word of Recall. Examples replacing above inscriptions:
                /rec 500
                /rec -350
                /rec 32 32        <- notice: No komma between the coordinates!

    1) You must've already been at that depth or deeper in order to teleport
       there via WoR!
    2) In order to recall to a place on the world map, you need to have been
       there before, NOT while you were dead (ghost), but while you were
       alive! Temple priests actually won't revive ghosts either who have not
       been to this place alive previously. So don't try to travel to Gondolin
       as a ghost, the priest over there will reject you and you won't remember
       the place when you return and revive in Bree.
    3) You can recall either across the world map or into/out of a dungeon, but
       not both at once. So if you want to go from Bree into the Orc Cave, you
       need two scrolls, first to go from Bree to the Orc Cave entrance located
       on the world surface, second to teleport down into the Orc Caves.
    4) Note that Word of Recall has a maximum range when used to travel across
       the world map. So if you want to recall from town A to town B you might
       require more than one recall spell depending on the distance.
    5) If you cast another Word of Recall while you're still waiting for one to
       kick in, the effect will be cancelled! That way you can change your mind
       if you suddenly spot a monster you want to go and kill after you already
       read a scroll of WoR.
    6) After being recalled the player will receive 'stair goi' (a temporary
       extra protection from taking damage) for a short amount of time, see
       (0.4) for details.

    A player is in Bree (32,32) and wants to recall to Orc Cave -300ft which we
    assume is located at (31,25) and he has already been there before, so he
    can use Word of Recall to get there. He has his WoR scrolls inscribed '@R'
    and now types the following chat commands in order:
        /rec 31 25
        (he waits until that kicked in and transported him to Orc Cave surface)
        /rec -300
        (this will bring him to the desired depth, from the surface).
(0.2c) IRC bot commands
(0.3a) The auto-inscription feature